Send signals

If you like the guy he may or may not have a clue that you like him. If your hitting it off you still need to send him a signal that you want him to ask you out because he may think you are just being friendly or kind. A lot of guys and woman in our age group that are widowed or divorced are somewhat insecure when it comes to asking a woman out. We are all vulnerable and don’t want to set our self up for disappointment and rejection. You may need to make it very clear your interested in spending an afternoon or evening doing something you both enjoy weather its a lunch or dinner, movie or theater. Its perfectly respectable for you to say (you)  “I have a ticket to a play and I don’t want to go alone, would you care to join me”? Or (you) “I was thinking of trying this new restaurant have you been there”? He may jump right in and say  (him) “No I haven’t would you like to join me”? All you need to do is find a way to break the ice.

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Learn to dance

If you are serious about finding a girlfriend or you just enjoy the company of woman more than getting together with the guys the best chance you have to meed a good woman is to go dancing. Free Style, Swing and Shag are the most popular dances.  Continue reading

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You like her

You’ve spent some time talking with someone and you think you like her. Everyone wants to be liked and make a good impression but don’t over do it. When you meet someone you like and feel you want to spend a little one-on-one time with her it’s only natural to put Continue reading

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What are Single Sites on Meetup

Here is an excerpt from one of the many groups and it pretty much goes like this for all of them. “We’re a bunch of fun and active 50 to 60+ singles who enjoy getting together for dinner, dancing, live music, wine-tasting, movies, regional theater, art exhibits, happy Continue reading

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First you need to know what your doing.

Think of as not just one website but the gate keeper of thousands of websites that facilitates offline groups that hold meetings in various localities. Meetup Continue reading

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For whatever reason some of your friends that are married and enjoyed getting together  as couples will drift away. It is not because they don’t like you they do It’s just a different dynamic now, stay in touch Continue reading

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Getting out of the house is a good way to start. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be good to yourself. Go see a movie if you don’t want to interact with others right away,  its OK! Go places that you went to Continue reading

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